Diversity is no problem for TEACO. Our capabilities encompass a broad range of electromechanical manufacturing and support services.

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Contract Manufacturing
Control Assemblies back to top

TEACO will assist your engineers in designing custom panels, to meet your exact specification. Our staff possess many years of experience in a variety of fields. Whether your needs are simple or complex, TEACO can meet your system needs.

Wired PC Board Assemblies back to top

TEACO can meet your needs from printed circuit boards, to printed circuit board assemblies, to wiring them, then to assembling them in your control units.

Wired Assemblies back to top
Assemblies are no stranger to TEACO. To reduce your labor load or having to increase your load of work, we can assist in assembling any quantities you may need whether short term or long.
Cables and Harnesses back to top

TEACO specializes in supplying exactly the type of cable you need to achieve speed to the market, whether you need simple wire cutting and stripping or more complex assemblies.

Printed Circuit Boards back to top

TEACO specializes in supplying exactly the style of printed circuit board you need, in just the quantity you want. We build single and double sided thru-hole boards.

We manufacture in quantities from one to 25,000 boards. TEACO can also help you with cost reduction programs in manufacturing engineering, assembly, and testing.
Weather Proofing
Printed Circuit Board - Coating back to top

In need of protecting your printed circuit boards from the environment or piracy TEACO can coat your components on printed circuit boards with a black epoxy.

Potting/Encapsulating back to top

To optimize the performance and to protect in adverse environments such as high heat, extreme moisture, thermal cycling or thermal shock, TEACO encapsulates/pots your items with an EL-Cast black epoxy coating.

  • Switches
  • Circuit Boards
Surface Coating back to top

TEACO can weather proof almost anything you have to protect in adverse environments such as high heat, extreme moisture, thermal cycling or thermal shock. TEACO coats your items with a EL-Cast black epoxy coating.

  • Motors
  • Cameras
  • Magnetic components
  • Noise Interference filters
  • Transformers
Epoxy Dispensing back to top


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Display Panels back to top

TEACO can engrave from your smallest piece request to a panel that is 40” X 48” X 10” deep or just drilling a pattern of holes if you desire.

Control Panels back to top
Test Fixtures back to top

From your schematic, TEACO can build a test fixture to aid you in your day to day testing of printed circuit boards to cables and harnesses.

Training Fixtures back to top

From your concept, idea, drawing, sketch, diagram or schematic, TEACO can build your training fixtures to aid you in training your employees, staff and customers.

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Reverse Engineering / Duplicating Obsolete Products
Circuit Board Layout back to top
  • With like Product
  • Upgraded Components
Prototypes and retrofits
Wave Soldering

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